Rent the Best Trailers in the Industry from Jag Rents


Dump trailers are an ideal option for a lot of applications. They are great for hauling rock, sand, and other materials. Hydraulic dump trailers are great for hauling because the bed can raise and dump of the material which takes away much of the physical demand for removing these types of materials from the trailer. ump trailers are also used for transferring trash to the dump.

Dump trailers are a great item to rent because they can make one time projects much easier and less demanding. When renting you pay a portion of the cost and don’t have to store, insure or register the trailer yourself.


Call for weekly and monthly pricing**

    2 Hour 4 Hour Daily
1.5 TON DUMP   $70 $120
4.5 TON DUMP $85 $100 $160
5X8 UTILITY $39 $48 $76
6X12 UTILITY $39 $48 $76