Rent the Best Manlifts in the Industry from Jag Rents


Scissor lifts come in a variety of sizes and types. The two main types of lifts are the electric scissor lift which are most commonly used for indoor applications and the rough terrain scissor lift which is used on unstable terrain in outdoor environments.

An electric scissor lift is ideal in situations where there are smooth and solid work surfaces. They have superior maneuverability and provide high lifting capacity and large working spaces. Electric scissor lifts are also environmentally friendly and have no hazardous emissions. The noise levels are also low which is great for indoor use. You can also find models that have non-marking tires to ensure you can use them indoors without leaving any damage behind.

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    4 Hour Daily
19 Foot $86 $160
26 Foot $115 $195
32 Foot   $255
32 Foot
Rough Terrain
$155 $255


Boom lifts come in two general designs, the telescopic of straight booms and the articulating or knuckle booms.

Articulating boom lifts are work platforms that have multiple sections that articulate or expand allowing you to move your work platforms around obstacles or barriers and complete the work you need to do. These types of boom lifts are also called Knuckle Booms and are very versatile and great for hard to reach places.

Telescopic Boom Lifts have sections that extend telescopically raising the aerial work platforms. You may also hear of these boom lifts referred to as Stick Booms. They have a great horizontal outreach and are the ideal option for working on an area that has limited access points.

Jag Tool & Equipment Rental has the Boom Lift you need to get to those hard to reach places. If your path is blocked by an obstacle or it’s just in an awkward location, give us a call and reserve your Boom Lift today! We’ll get you set up and back to work in no time. Jag Tool & Equipment Rental has 5 sizes available to fit your needs.

Call for weekly and monthly pricing*

    4 Hour Daily
34 Foot Towable $130 $191
42 Foot Towable $134 $202
38′ Electric Narrow $254 $370
 45 Foot
Articulating Genie
66 Foot Boom   $370